Witnessed by HKSAR Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry Prof. SUN Dong (back row center), HKUST Acting President Prof. GUO Yike (back row fifth left) and China Unicom Chairman Mr. LIU Liehong (back row fifth right), HKUST Vice-President for Institutional Advancement Prof. WANG Yang (front left) and China Unicom Vice President Mr. LIANG Baojun sign the strategic collaboration agreement.
HKUST and China Unicom Establish Joint Laboratory to Empower Research and Development of Smart Society
HKUST Vice-President (Research and Development) Prof. Tim CHENG (front left) and HKSI Chief Executive Dr. Trisha LEAHY (front right) signed the agreement under the witness of HKUST Acting President Prof. GUO Yike (back left) and HKSI Deputy Chief Executive Mr. Tony CHOI (back right).
HKUST and HKSI Establish Joint Center for Sports Science and Technology to Strengthen Collaboration
The delegation of PhIRDA members, comprising of representatives from over 20 well-known pharmaceutical companies including Fosun Pharma, Shanghai Pharmaceuticals, RemeGen, Ascentage Pharma, visit HKUST to learn about the University’s latest research outcomes in the area of life and health sciences.
HKUST and PhIRDA Establish Innovation and Research Platforms to Propel Pharmaceutical Innovation and Development in Greater Bay Area
HKUST Breakthrough Identifies Rare Tumor Cell “Spies” Shedding Light on Previously Hidden Cancer Features
HKUST and ASTRI Launch First Joint PhD Program Nurturing I&T Talents to enhance I&T Ecosystem
HKUST Researchers Discover New Way to Synthesize mRNAs Enhancing Effectiveness of mRNA Drugs and Vaccines