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Postgraduate Studentships

Postgraduate studentships (PGSs) are awarded to full-time research postgraduate students of the University to provide them with financial assistance to cover their daily subsistence, tuition fees and other related expenses during the course of their study.

The terms and conditions of PGSs can be found here.

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Overseas Research Award & Greater Bay Area Research Award

The Overseas Research Award and Greater Bay Area Research Award for PhD Students aim to enrich students’ research experience by providing them with exposure to a foreign culture and environment, and widening their circle of professional contacts, so as to better prepare students for their future careers.

Details of the award are provided in the Terms and Conditions of the scheme. Applications should be submitted to student's home Division/Department/Program Office. Upon return, the award recipient will need to submit an activity report covering work done and professional activities participated in during the attachment period.

Interested students can approach their home Division/Department/Program Office for more details.

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Conference Travel Grant for HKPFS

Awardees of the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme are eligible for an annual conference travel allowance of HK$13,800 for a period of up to 4 years. The allowance supports the transportation costs, conference registration fees and other expenses incurred in connection with the conference or research-related activity.

Application should be filed in advance. Please refer to explanatory notes of the scheme for more details.

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UGC Research Travel Grant

The Research Travel Grant (RTG) program is intended to help support the cost of travel for postdoctoral students, research graduate students, and undergraduate students who present research papers at conferences and professional meetings.

Full-time research postgraduate students at the time of the application deadline and at the time of the conference are eligible to apply. The research being presented must have been conducted at HKUST. Up to two of the authors of a paper with multiple authors may apply for a RTG.

There will be four deadlines per year for receiving applications, normally the 1st of September, December, March and June.

Full details of the program can be found here.

Enquiries can be directed to the Research Administration (RA) of the Research Office.

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Croucher Studentships

The awards offered by the Croucher Foundation Limited are intended to enable applicants who are permanent residents of Hong Kong to devote themselves to a period of full-time study or research in natural sciences, medicine or technology in approved academic institutions in Hong Kong.

The award comprises an annual cash award (currently at HK$80,000 per annum), and an academic development allowance of up to HK$15,600 per annum to allow recipients to attend conferences, workshops or courses during the tenure of their awards, and may be held concurrently with a university postgraduate studentship or another award.

Application details are available on website of the Croucher Foundation.

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Tuition Waiver Scheme for Local Research Postgraduate Students

The HK Government has set up a Tuition Waiver Scheme for Local Research Postgraduate Students. Starting from Fall 2018/19, eligible students will be given the tuition waiver, i.e. they are not required to pay the tuition.

Details of the scheme can be found here.

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Scholarships at a Glance

HKUST offers a variety of scholarships to postgraduate students throughout the academic year in recognition of their academic performance.

Most scholarships are awarded to students by nominations from Schools/Program Offices/Departments and application is not required.

A list of postgraduate scholarships offered by the University/named donors is available here.

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Other Research Funding Opportunities

In addition to funding schemes which provide research postgraduate (RPg) students with financial assistance for their daily subsistence, tuition fees and other related expenses during the course of their study, there are awards and grants (both internal and external) which provide supplemental funding for RPg students to attend conferences, conduct research overseas, and organize conferences, etc.

Students are encouraged to apply for these competitive awards to gain wider exposure to different research networks and cultures.

Enquiries can be directed to Departments/Program Offices and Schools.