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The HK Government has set up a Tuition Waiver Scheme for Local Research Postgraduate Students. Students (both new and current ones) who meet ALL of the criteria 1-3 in Section A below will be given the tuition waiver, i.e. they are not required to pay the tuition.

A. Criteria for Being Qualified for the Tuition Waiver

  1. Enrolled in a full-time UGC-funded MPhil or PhD program
  2. Hold a local student status, defined as follows:
    • having (i) right of abode (A), (ii) right to land (R) or (iii) unconditional stay (U) in Hong Kong as shown in an HKSAR smart ID beneath the date of birth; or 
    • having a dependent visa/ entry permit and he/she was aged below 18 when issued with such visa/ entry permit by the Director of Immigration; or 
    • having a one-way permit to Hong Kong.
    • For more details on the definition of local students, please visit here.
  3. Not being registered with an “Off-campus Study” status in student record.

B. Eligible Period

  1. Qualified students are eligible for the tuition waiver only within the normative study period:
    • MPhil: 2 years from commencement
    • PhD (with a research master’s degree): 3 years from commencement
    • PhD (without a research master’s degree): 4 years from commencement

C. Tuition Waiver Handling Procedures

  1. Based on the current student information, the University will automatically waive the tuition of eligible students within the normative period of study. No separate application or procedures are required.
  2. If there are any changes of student information which make you qualify for the tuition waiver, students can notify the Academic Registry at

D. Deposit Refund for Eligible New Students

  1. For registered new students who are eligible for the waiver and have paid an admission deposit, the University will arrange for the deposit refund through auto-payment to your bank account. Please ensure that you have provided your bank account details in the Student Information System after your registration.

E. Special Note for Clarification:

  1. The following students are NOT eligible for the waiver:
    • Students holding a student visa/ entry permit.  
    • Students holding a visa/ entry permit under the Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates (IANG).
    • Students holding a dependent visa/ entry permit who were 18 years old or above when they were issued with such visa/ entry permit by the Director of Immigration.
    • Students whose tuition fees have been fully waived by any other schemes.
  2. Students receiving postgraduate studentship (PGS) from the University or the HK PhD Fellowship (HKPFS) are eligible for the waiver.
  3. For any change of residency to local status for tuition waiver, students should present the supporting document (evidenced by the “Noticed of Application Results for Verification of Eligibility for Permanent Identity Card” is also accepted) to the Academic Registry for verification and record update no later than 15 September for Fall Term / 15 February for Spring Term. Any request for residency change after this deadline, the tuition wavier will only be applicable from the next regular term.

F. Enquiries:

  1. Please write to us via Enquiry Form (Current Student)