Bonald LI


I first knew HKUST when I was attending the Undergraduate Summer Exchange Program here 5 years ago. I was amazed by HKUST for its rich start-up atmosphere (DJI, the famous drones manufacturer, is originated here!) and the mix of the eastern and western cultures. I found the best-matched professor for my research here. His connection with the academy and industry brings me opportunities in research and personal career development.


Having studied and worked in Mainland China, Taiwan, Australia, and Europe, I finally decided to pursue PhD in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is an Asian world city, where you can find a variety of lifestyles here. I particularly enjoyed the seamless mix of eastern and western cultures. The dense city jungle offers me 30 minutes access to everything including visits to international firms, conferences, seminars, and also good places for hiking and surfing!


Though the living cost in Hong Kong is high, the funding I got from the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS) provides me great support not only to survive but also to enjoy my life here.


Assistant Professor, University of Cologne


from The Mainland of China


PhD in Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management

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Bobby (Ziyue) LI