Maria Joscelind ALVINA

At HKUST, I have the privilege to work with world-class faculty on projects that pique my interest, while enjoying state-of-the-art research facilities. My labmates with diverse backgrounds have also helped me improve academically and personally.

Charikleia STOURA

A specialist in the field of vehicle-bridge interaction in railway systems, Charikleia’s research focuses on the dynamic response of trains moving on high-speed railway bridges during earthquakes. The primary goal of her work is to evaluate the safety and reliability of high-speed railway train-bridge systems. As high-speed rail networks expand worldwide, this area of research offers a whole host of opportunities in both the academic and industrial fields.


Even though I joined the University, first and foremost, to do research, the courses and workshops offered have helped me become a well-rounded scientist. The HK PhD Fellowship has relieved my financial worries and provided funds for me to travel to conferences, summer schools and workshops. In addition, it has given me a network of students working in an array of fields very different from my own.


Oscar CHAN

HKUST offers all-round support from professors in different areas of specialisation, a wide range of research equipment and supporting facilities. I enjoy exploring new topics and being able to add to the existing subject knowledge base with worthwhile contributions of my own.

Yanjiao CHEN

HKUST has given me so many precious memories. With the support from my supervisor, department staff and everyone I have met at HKUST, I was able to flourish both in my research and in extracurricular activities. I will forever remember my time at HKUST.

Kun AN

I am so proud to be a student at this distinguished university with so many excellent professors who have helped me progress and reach the frontiers of my area of research. They have also helped me develop an ability to find and develop important and relevant research topics and to improve my presentation and writing skills. I am very interested in conducting research in the research field of transportation, and my ambition is to be a leading researcher or professor in the field.


HKUST is an ideal place for research work. It has excellent facilities as well as world-class research professionals. The beautiful campus makes the school life very enjoyable. And thanks for the HK PhD Fellowship Scheme, it has largely reduced my financial pressures to pursue my PhD studies in Hong Kong. It gives me great flexibility to choose my research topic. Also, it provides me with unique opportunities to network with outstanding people at HKUST and other universities through the events organized by the University and the Research Grants Council.

Yang LI

It is my honor to join HKUST and pursue my PhD degree here. HKUST has a very beautiful campus which is built along the sea. It makes living on campus a wonderful experience. The knowledgeable professors and high quality facilities make studying at HKUST enjoyable. I hope I can make progress every day in both academic research and personal growth.