Anthony LEUNG


As a graduate of BEng and PhD and now a faculty member of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, I have found HKUST a great place for postgraduate studies. The international exposure offered by HKUST is unique, which may not be easily found elsewhere. During my PhD studies, I had many chances to interact with students/people coming from different parts of the globe, including but not limited to those from the mainland China, Thailand, Malaysia, India, South Korea, Italy and Africa. HKUST has world-leading research facilities that allow students to perform high-quality research, and that’s one of the reasons why HKUST has been consistently ranked top in the world, particularly in the engineering disciplines. HKUST also has well-structured training programs to postgraduate students, offering them a range of great interpersonal skills, such as critical and logical thinking, which are the key traits for being a successful researcher and more importantly, for being a better-equipped person to face the many unexpected challenges in the future.


Associate Professor, HKUST


from Hong Kong


PhD in Civil Engineering

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Anthony LEUNG