After graduating from HKUST, Issac has begun on his entrepreneurial journey by co-founding AutoSafe, an artificial intelligence solutions company. When he worked as a civil engineer before his MPhil studies, a small mishap has sparked his vision in developing an innovative system for monitoring safety hazards. This innovation won his team the title of champion in the 2022 HKUST-Sino One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition and the awardee of the Lo Kwee Seong TECH-Ship Fund and the Technology Start-up Support Scheme for Universities.

Anthony LEUNG

As a graduate of BEng and PhD and now a faculty member of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, I have found HKUST a great place for postgraduate studies.


My graduate studies at HKUST taught me how to conduct world-class quality research. I gained a very strong technical foundation, and after years of hard work, I felt that I was personally resilient. I wouldn’t give up easily. I gained confidence. It also gave me the opportunity to travel around the world, work in different places, cooperate with and also compete with the best. I am always proud to be from HKUST, and after all these experiences, I feel very grateful to come back and contribute to my alma mater!

Oscar CHAN

HKUST offers all-round support from professors in different areas of specialisation, a wide range of research equipment and supporting facilities. I enjoy exploring new topics and being able to add to the existing subject knowledge base with worthwhile contributions of my own.

Shingyu LEUNG

"A research degree opened up my world to new possibilities. I can travel around the world to meet new people and share our ideas. I can experience different cultures and research environments. I love what I have been doing and I am extremely excited to serve my alma mater." Shingyu has been with the Department of Mathematics at HKUST since 2009. He was educated at HKUST (BSc 99'; MPhil 01') and UCLA (PhD 06'). He is currently an Associate Professor of Mathematics and an Associate Dean of Science.

Man Pun CHAN

My study experience at HKUST has been pleasant because of the excellent facilities and world-renowned professors. HKUST offers me so many opportunities for my personal and professional development. After graduation, I would like to establish myself as a professional IC designer in the industry. I'm proud to be a "HKUSTer".

Winnie MAK

After graduating from BSc in Environmental Management and Technology (EVMT), I worked for a few years in the field of environmental technology. With a chance, I returned to HKUST for MPhil in Environmental Science, Policy and Management (ESPM). Getting back to UST is an amazing experience. The Academy and Department provide support and countless opportunities that allow me to explore personal potential while doing earnest research. I have high autonomy in designing the research plan and milestones together with my supervisor.

Naubahar SHARIF

Impressed by the Founding President, Naubahar obtained his BBA and MPhil at HKUST. He went on to complete his PhD in the US and later returned to his alma mater. "Hong Kong is carving out a role for itself in the new knowledge-based global economy and repositioning itself in a new relationship with Mainland China. My career goal is to help Hong Kong move forward at this important juncture in our history."