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A student may make an appeal in writing to the Associate Dean of the relevant School responsible for postgraduate studies for matters related to his/her study.


Grievance Channels

If students have any grievance about their program, their thesis work, their study or supervision arrangements, channels are readily available to help them settle their grievance and alleviate their concerns.

When a student encounters any difficulty or has any concern that he/she feels should be conveyed to or discussed with the University, the first stop should normally be the PG Coordinator. If this does not work or is not appropriate for some reasons, the next level for voicing grievance is to the Department Head. If the issue cannot be settled satisfactorily in the Department, the student may approach the Associate Dean of the School responsible for postgraduate studies for advice. In the event that the issue still cannot be resolved within the School, the next stop is the HKUST Fok Ying Tung Graduate School. If the issue-in-question involves existing academic policies, the matter may be referred to the Committee on Postgraduate Studies or Senate for consideration.

In general, if the grievance is of a personal nature, the student may consider talking to a student counselor of the Counseling and Wellness Center of the Dean of Students' Office for advice.